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Voice Lessons

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Inquire for availability and pricing:


Singing Forever

Specialty voice training for the aging voice.

This curriculum focuses on:

  • Breath support & relaxation 

  • Vocal tone quality & eliminating breathy or crackly sounds in the voice

  • Memory Exercises - create new pathways in the brain and flex your thinking muscle

Singing is such a beautiful part of life and we should not have to stop as our bodies and minds age. Gain confidence in your singing abilities and enrich your life by enrolling in personalized vocal training.

In home and group sessions are available. 


One Hour Lesson

*Most popular choice*

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Options


45 Minute Lesson

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Options


Vocal Health Sessions

Vocal health is a part of our everyday lives. Proper vocal hygiene and healthy speaking technique are important tools to prolonging our ability to sing and communicate. Difficulty having conversations can be frustrating and disheartening. These techniques will help with your day to day vocal habits. Speech sessions are also wonderful for school teachers, coaches, and other professional voice users. 

*If you have a medical issue or vocal injury please see a doctor or licensed SLP*

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