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Voice Lessons

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Kara offers voice lessons in the greater Philadelphia area for people of all ages and musical ability.

Lessons take place at Silvertone Studios located in Ardmore, PA. 

**Easily accessible by the Paoli/Thorndale line from Center City.**

Inquire for availability and pricing:

One hour lesson

Ages 14 and up

One hour lessons entail musical literacy training, sight reading practice, vocal warm ups and exercises, and repertoire. 

The goal for these lessons is to learn vocal technique and improve your singing or speaking voice. 


45 Minute Lesson

Ages 6 and up

45 minute lessons are great for younger children. We do a mix of musical literacy training and fun singing exercises. 

The goal for these lessons is to inspire a love of music in young children.


Specialty Services

Singing is for everyone. Kara holds an Undergraduate Certificate in Communication and Science Disorders from West Chester University.

Specialized  voice lessons are open to those with disabilities or learning differences. A lesson plan can be created to fit you and your families needs no matter what the circumstances. 


Speech Services

Vocal health is a part of our everyday lives. Learning vocal hygiene and healthy speaking technique is an important part of being a singer. Speech sessions are wonderful for school teachers, coaches, and other professional voice users. 

*If you have a medical issue or vocal injury please see a doctor or licensed SLP*

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